Scratchings in the Dirt

We Have a Winner!

I may have overdone the “building the tension” thing a bit by not posting anything for, oh, about 12 days or so, but if any of you are still hanging on, thanks for your patience.   We have made it through drywall patching and painting in the kitchen, a new cement pad and stairs to the front entrance, a First Nations protest of the pipeline project in town, a birthday (Clem’s), an anniversary (ours – 19 years, thank you very much),  the fall supper at the church, work parties at the rink to fix things up, three hockey meetings,  a two-day 3-on-3 hockey tournament in Kindersley, shooting at coyotes to scare them out of the yard, and a Thanksgiving supper with about 40 of our favorite relatives.   For some reason, I just couldn’t seem to fit in a bit of blogging.  I have been thinking about all of you, though, and picking the winning title for the blog, and taking pictures to document all of these exciting events.   Unfortunately, Derek needed the camera for something today, and I haven’t seen it since.  The camera, I mean.  Derek I’ve seen.  And heard.  A lot.   You’ll have to wait for the pictures, though.

The favorite blog title seems to be…  drum roll, please…. “Scratchings in the Dirt”, which, ironically, is one that I dreamt up.  It seems to apply to much of our life here on the prairie, and it just sounds, oh, I don’t know, literary or something.  So that’s what I chose.  It was hard, though.  There were some excellent entries, and I really appreciate the effort you all put into my little game.  It was fun.  It’s over.  I win.  

Thanks for stopping by again.  Good night!


8 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!

  1. “which, ironically, is one that I dreamt up.”

    Ironically? Don’t you mean “inevitably”?

  2. What the hell… it’s your blog you can spell the title any way you like…as Lisa says…your blogging is still great.

  3. Hey Chandra, congratulations on winning “your new blog name”! I heard that Aunt Linda was having Thanksgiving dinner this year. I’m anxious for pictures! And, tell me about your red kitchen. I painted my great room red, the exact shade that Aunt Linda has @ Chitek Lake. We have alot of wood trim, wood ceiling, etc. as she does and I love it. I also have 2 gallons of paint left over (the tinted primer worked great, thus explaining all the leftover paint) so I may paint my bedroom the same red. Good thing red is my favorite color!Take care. Pictures…please! Love from, Carmen xo

  4. I know you will groan…but as an english teacher one usually says…”Scratching in the dirt”….or “Scratches in the dirt”

    I don’t know about “scratchings”

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