Scratchings in the Dirt

Crops 2020

This year the boys seeded the crop and have run the farm on their own. Chandra and I left partway through seeding and as of the end of July we haven’t been home yet. We have had reports of an amazing crop coming. Hemp crop is now 7 feet tall and still growing. Lentils and

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Covid 19

Trying to figure out how to function on the farm and keep everyone safe. We have introduced COVID 19 policies in addition to our other safety policies! Truckers: We need our truckers to survive and they become exposed to a lot of people. We have tried to eliminate personal contact by keeping 6-10 feet away

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Grain Drying 19

We tried our hand at drying grain. BraTara Acres and Schraefel Farms joint venture on a dryer. Stephen has run 20,000 bushels through in the last couple of weeks!

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