Scratchings in the Dirt

Social Media

I joined Facebook a few months ago thinking it would be a great way to share farm and family photos and have a bit of an archive. My much better half moved from blogging to facebook quite a few years ago and she enjoys it. I did not. I found it very political and hateful. I

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Tree lands on the cabin

As a storm ripped through Aquadeo Beach, Our cabin took a hit. A big old tree hit it dead on. Lucky that no one was here as one branch harpooned into the kitchen. On Sunday a crew came in and cut up the tree and cleaned up the mess and we now have firewood to

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Schraefel Memories

Lount Snell

My sister Chris brought an old photo album back for some old memories. These are pictures of the pictures taken on my phone. If you know any of the unidentified people please let me know. Enjoy!

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Think Derek likes his truck?

This guy is everywhere. He kept ahead of 2 drills this spring preworking. Kept his machines maintained and the shops clean. He has made an amazing recovery. Nice work!

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