Scratchings in the Dirt

What I found on my PHONE (not camera!)

I often use my camera phone (phone, not camera!  sheesh!!) to snap pictures, and then forget that they are on there!  So when I went looking for photos for the last post, I stumbled on some that should be shared! 1.  Derek giving Roxy a bath in a very small tub!  Still makes me giggle.

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Lake life.

Hello again!  We’re back, after an amazing holiday.  Clem and I haven’t spent that much time together since our honeymoon, and it was wonderful.  It would have been nice to have Derek spend some time with us, too, but he was having too much fun with his friend (and his friend’s dad’s sea-doo!).  We have

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Sittin’ pretty

Yep.  Feeling rather smug right now.  It’s raining (which is nothing new this year), but my garden is weeded, the potatoes are partly hilled, the next batch of lettuce and peas is planted, and (most of) the grass is cut.  Not bad, eh?  Oh, and all the food prep for the lake is done –

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