Welcome to the Schraefel Farm

The Schraefel Farm is located 10 km SE of Kerrobert, a cool little town of 1200. We are 200 km West of our nearest city, Saskatoon. We are far from any type of industrial pollutants and so enjoy a quiet, clear mostly farming community. Adam, Stephen, and Derek, the 4th generation on the farm, are the main operators of the farm with some help from Clem and Chandra and a few neighbors and friends! Thanks, everyone!


We produce organic dry land crops including cereal grains such as wheat, barley and oats, oilseeds and legumes like flax, peas, and lentils on 5200 acres of Wright, Allcock, and Schraefel land. We offer sales direct to consumers, distributor, and brokers as well as bulk sales. Please call us directly. The land consists of glacial till with low rolling hills and sloughs with small bluffs of trees in the low spots. It is home for many deer, rabbits, antelope, coyotes, porcupines, and foxes. Over the past several years we are seeing more moose make this their home. We are in the flyway of the Canada goose and many kinds of ducks and other birds. The farm operation is the primary business producing bulk grains in a dry climate which reduces disease and insect problems. Yields are less but the quality is usually very high.

Latest Blog Posts


Tree lands on the cabin

As a storm ripped through Aquadeo Beach, Our cabin took a hit. A big old tree hit it dead on. Lucky that no one was here as one branch harpooned into the kitchen. On Sunday a crew came in and cut up the tree and cleaned up the mess and we now have firewood to

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Schraefel Memories

Lount Snell

My sister Chris brought an old photo album back for some old memories. These are pictures of the pictures taken on my phone. If you know any of the unidentified people please let me know. Enjoy!

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Think Derek likes his truck?

This guy is everywhere. He kept ahead of 2 drills this spring preworking. Kept his machines maintained and the shops clean. He has made an amazing recovery. Nice work!

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Rain is a Godsend!

After predictions of a drought in 2018 and depleted subsoil moisture from very little rain in 2017,  we have received around 5″ of rain since seeding and the crops look absolutely amazing!  

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