Scratchings in the Dirt

My glamorous life.

I feel so privileged to not have a real job.  Instead, I get to stay home and do fun things like scrub the garbage cans (because my guys have as good an aim there are they do in the bathroom!)  But I also get to be home when my baby leaves for his first day

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Stephen is American???

I just saw on Facebook – herald of all that is true and occurring – that the USA Eagles beat the Central Coast Rhinos in the final game of the Australian International Ice Hockey Cup.   And, lo and behold, there was my son, wearing an American jersey, in the team’s victory picture.   Will

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Hmmm….what’s on my camera?

My goodness, what a busy month.  It felt busy, and then when I looked to see what pictures were on the camera, it was confirmed! Stephen has been having a blast ‘down under’.  They played their last game last night, and I imagine they are ‘celebrating”, to put it mildly.  There are some photos and

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