Scratchings in the Dirt

What’s new?

Seeding is progressing.  We (meaning Clem and Adam) are half done.  All the legumes – peas and lentils – are in, and they are trying to get going with the barley and wheat.  As you may already know, it’s been a tad damp.  If you didn’t know, here’s a visual.  Adam has been here for

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The end of an era

Last weekend many of my dad’s relatives gathered to bury the ashes of his uncle and aunt.  Ed and Mary were the last survivors of their generation, and their deaths have prompted much introspection.  I think it affected other family members as well, judging by some of the comments and topics discussed.  My brother is

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Mother’s Day with my mom.

That doesn’t happen too often.  We are usually smack dab in the busyness of seeding, and Mother’s Day is normally mostly a non-day here.  I decided to switch it up a bit this year when a friend, who was planning to visit her mom in Medicine Hat, asked if I wanted to tag along and

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