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What’s new?

Seeding is progressing.  We (meaning Clem and Adam) are half done.  All the legumes – peas and lentils – are in, and they are trying to get going with the barley and wheat.  As you may already know, it’s been a tad damp.  If you didn’t know, here’s a visual.

 Adam has been here for over a week.  He and Clem are tag-teaming.  Clem gets up early and goes out for the day.  Adam starts a little later and works into the wee hours of the morning.  Seems to be working!
Derek does the gopher jobs and picks rocks.  Not as much fun, I hear, but shit flows downhill, so to speak!

Derek did have some fun.  He was lucky enough to get some tickets to a couple of the Memorial Cup games in Saskatoon.  I took him and a buddy in one night to meet Rob and the perogie for a game.  Also got to visit the Heidts at the game.  Fun times!   The perogie was pretty darned excited to see the hockey players and the goooalies, in particular.  A nice young fellow found a puck and gave it to him, too, which doubled his excitement!

Derek hides his excitement a little better.  (But he did have fun!)  He also got to go in a couple of days later with some friends for another game. 

I was stupid lucky enough to participate in the town-wide garage sale.  Our local junior team used it as a fundraiser.  We had lots of lookers, and quite a few things sold. But I will state for the record that nobody is ever going to get rich by having garage sales.  I did, however, get to spend the day outside and visit with lots of people!  Plus, Clem took pity on me and we went out for supper after church. 

I’m sure there is more news, but I’m also sure that I need to get outside and make a little more progress on the yard work.  We are trying to learn to love the colour yellow (you have no idea how many dandelions we have in the yard!), but I also need to get the garden in.  I am attempting to downsize a bit this year.  Hopefully I can stick to my guns! 

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