Scratchings in the Dirt

Merry Christmas from the Schraefels!!

Ho, ho, ho!! Merry Christmas! Hope this finds you all happy and healthy, and not suffering from turkey indigestion. We had a wonderful Christmas celebration at the Schraefel ranch again this year. It was perhaps nicer because we finally got around to doing something with our “porch” (it’s only been just about 12 years since

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You know it’s winter…

…when the kids are skating on the dugout. They had a blast on the weekend, scraping and skating and getting some fresh air. It was pretty cold, but it is somewhat sheltered on the dugout. The only thing missing is a yardlight for skating after dark (and pucks with some kind of GPS system so

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Hockey, hockey, and more hockey

OK, Bruce, here we go! Someone asked me the other day if I was ready for Christmas. After stifling the urge to smack him, I said that if they were having Christmas in a rink, I’d be there for sure. Seems like that’s the only place I’ve been for weeks! Stephen’s team has been having

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