Scratchings in the Dirt

Spring in Saskatchewan

I guess winter doesn’t just seem long, it is long!  What a treat to wake up to this!  Now Environment Canada gets it right –  I suppose one should be more specific when saying we need moisture.  Oh well, never a dull moment here in God’s country.   A bit of a juxtaposition to see the air

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Spring has sprung.

Flocks of geese.  Warm afternoons.  Daylight when I get up in the morning.  Yep, it’s spring.  Finally.  Maybe I’m just getting old (yeah, I know, there’s really no maybe about it), but the winterseemed to go on for an awfully long time.  There’s still a lot of snow in the trees, but now I can see those piles getting smaller every day.  Hooray! So what prompts me to write today, after such a

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