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Happy Birthday, Carl!

Clem’s brother is 50 today.  Yep, 50.  The big five-O.  That’s five times on all your fingers, boys and girls.  

Carl is one of the reasons we started this blog.  He travels.  A lot.  And he lives far away.  Very far away.  Saudi Arabia, to be exact.  And United Arab Emirates before that.  And Botswana before that.   And Ottawa before that.  So this is how we keep him up-to-date with what’s going on in our lives.  And he is the best commentor.  He must check this thing every day.  (He must be very bored!)     And he almost always leaves a comment.  That’s how we know he’s still alive and kicking.  And so we want to wish him a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  

I’m a little tired tonight (see previous post), not to mention lazy, and I can’t seem to find a picture of Carl.   So I’m going to show you one he took when he was home for a visit.  It is my all-time favorite photograph.  It was taken out at the Smiley stone wall (local oddity, for those of you not from here!)  And my boys are in it, too, so what could be better than that.

Thanks for stopping in.  Good night!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Carl!

  1. You guys sure know how to make a person feel important!!! Thanks for the Birthday wishes, still feeling like 49….
    ….Thanks Rob!

    cheers carl

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