Scratchings in the Dirt

It’s harvest time again!

And it’s raining!  Clem and the boys have been busy combining peas, and managed to get almost everything that has been swathed picked up before the rain started last night.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the header fell off of Adam’s combine they were moving to a new field, and he ran over it.  Fortunately he wasn’t hurt, but I’m sure his shorts need washing.  Clem was pretty upset,  with himself, that is.  He neglected to finish clamping the header on when he was getting the combine ready.  It’s actually amazing it took so long to fall off!  Luckily, Clem keeps a spare combine – the old Massey – and they were able to continue.  And now that it is raining and wet, he has time to shop for a new header and do some repairs.   Derek snapped a picture yesterday before the disaster.   Stephen’s new combine is in front.

We had visitors yesterday, too.    Terri, Copper, and Terri’s grandma from Landis came forthe day.  They let Copper stay with me for the morning and took Derek for a round of golf in Kerrobert.  It was a great trade!   I didn’t get any pictures of the golfing, but I did manage to snap a few of Copper!  And I know you all love Copper pictures as much as I do!!

Copper sat in the stroller while I got some veggies from the garden, and then we went for a walk.  I guess the excitement of the farm was too much for her, and she zonked!  

It was great day for auntie, who needs her Copper fix once in a while!  

Thanks for stopping by again!!


One thought on “It’s harvest time again!

  1. Yes, the joys of harvest!! I wonder if even “age related dementia” will wipe out those”wonderful” memories of harvests past???Thank goodness,no one was hurt in the combine incident, accept in the pocketbook as usual. The posts are all great. Appears that fun times were had with Copper and all as well as at the wedding and at hockey camps. Praying for favorable weather now to bring in those beautiful crops!!

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