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First Day of School

I am such a sap.  My “baby” is ten years old, and I still get watery-eyed on the first day of school. Here I sit, choking back tears and wondering where the time went.  Well, not so much when Derek got on the bus (rough morning for him with many theatrics!), but when I saw the two older boys climb in Adam’s car and drive away chatting and grinning, well, the tap turned on. How did they evolve from two little boys lined up on the deck with their shiny new school stuff, squinting into the sun, waiting for their mother to snap the obligatory “first-day-of-school” shot,  into two very tall, handsome (mother’s bias perhaps?), and intelligent young men, who pick out their own school clothes, make their own haircut appointments,  and need only a binder, loose leaf, and pens?

What makes all this so very strange is that last night I was literally giddy, anticipating the quiet morning to myself to start off another ten months of blessed routine.   Oh, a mother’s fickle emotions…

One thought on “First Day of School

  1. You’re not the only one! I cry every year, so Rob takes me out to breakfast.

    he’ll need to sedate me when they go to college!

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