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Alberta bound

After a few days at home, I hit the road again, this time to lovely Valleyview, Alberta.  Clem’s sisters, Chris and Cathy, and I attended the wedding of their cousin’s daughter, Tanya and Adam.  I had never been to that part of our great country and really enjoyed the drive and the views.  It is four hours north of Edmonton, all on divided highway, so the drive, though long, is quite easy.  We arrived Friday evening and headed out to Spirit Creek Ranch to gather with other friends and relatives.  Rick and Jo-Anne built their house from trees they cleared from their own land.  It is a beautiful farm, and was all set up for the wedding.

They even had entertainment!  Rick’s cousin played the banjo, gently and expertly serenading us all evening.

We arrived the next afternoon to find Kord all decked out in his rented tux.  (That was a great story – get Kord to tell you sometime!)  Here he is with Rick’s aunt Claire, 81-years-young, who ended up boogie-ing till all hours of the night. 

Surprisingly, some of the Snell cousins sought out refreshments prior to the wedding ceremony.  

Chris and Margie thought they looked pretty dashing, and snapped a few photos.

This is Bill’s son, Wylie, with his fiancee, Rena.  Their big day is in September.  

What a treat to find that Phyllis Lalear had made the trip with her son, Frank.  We had a great time catching up.    Phyllis never changes.

(Did you catch Ted Baxter with the blue sportscoat in the background?!)

The groom and his attendants looked very dashing.  What a treat to see the kilts!  The groom was wearing the family tartan (MacGregor), but the best man, brother to the groom, had to settle for the rented Campbell tartan.  Memories of Scotland!

Tanya’s sister, Chisana, was the maid of honor.  Her daughters were the cutest flowergirls you ever saw, with matching yellow polka-dotted sundresses and matching sandals. 

Here’s little Emma.

And here’s Brynnley with Grandpa Rick.

The bride was gorgeous on the arm of her dashing father.

The backdrop of large evergreens was perfect for the beautiful yet informal ceremony.

After the ceremony, we visited and soaked up the sun.  There was much laughter and many stories of days gone by were recalled.  Here’s a shot of cousins Cathy and Jack.

And here’s the Bill Snell family.  Courtney and Renessa were both bridesmaids.

The supper and reception was held at the New Fish Creek hall, about four miles from Rick and Jo-anne’s.  Tanya and Adam used to work as chefs at the Marriot hotel in Calgary, and as a wedding gift, six of their chef friends prepared the meal!  It was fantastic!  Rib eye steak, chicken breast roasted with apricots and pecans, scalloped potatoes, a salad bar to die for – absolutely amazing.  And the desserts!  Words cannot describe, so here are some photos!

Chisana and her friend, Amber, played a big part in planning and organizing the wedding, since Tanya and Adam have moved to Ontario.  This is Amber with Renessa.

The three siblings having a good convo.

And so the big day ended.  I think we all felt a bit like Emma, curled up here on Grandma Jo-Anne’s lap.

 Before I got home on Sunday, Mom had picked up Derek on her way back to Lethbridge, where he was attending yet another hockey camp, this one courtesy of Grandpa Alan.  He had a great time, and Mom said everyone there knew Derek by name in very short order.  He ended up spending his 10th birthday there, as I was in North Battleford at a AAA midget try-out camp with Stephen.  He didn’t make the cut, but I don’t think he really wanted to play there anyway.  So whatever hockey holds for us this season, Stephen will still be at home and not billeted in North Battleford!

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  1. Heh Great photos! Looks like everyone had a good time!

    I am back in Riyadh at work…after a nice vacation in St.John’s NL.

    Cheers, Carl

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