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Happy Birthday to us…

It’s birthday week again.  My brother and sister and I all celebrate our birthdays within 8 days.  It has always been fun.  Back in the day, Mom would have all of her family out one weekend and all of Dad’s the next, so we would get two big birthday parties.  When we got older, we each had our own party with our school friends – birthdays were a big deal around our house.  

This is our group party with Mom’s family (I can tell because Grandpa’s car is in the background) in 1970, the year we got Charlie, that lovable black lab.  

Of course, birthday parties were not the only thing we shared back then:

And then there was the obligatory Christmas Eve picture, with the cute matching outfits.  Note the gun-carrying brother with the dapper scarf around his neck!

But enough traipsing down memory lane.  My dear neighbor, Carol, showed up with roses for me again this year.  They are gorgeous!

Adam and his friend Eric have been building rafts and trying them out in the dugout.  I don’t think they were terribly successful, as I had to wash a load of clothes at 10:30 that night, but they sure had fun!  

Stephen decided not to attend the annual awards night at the school yesterday.  Pity, as he won two awards.  The first was a plaque for the most improved Grade 9 student.  The second was a certificate for taking 1st in divisional high jump and attaining 4th overall for his age group.  The academic award makes me the most proud, since he has been working hard to bring his grades back up after a slip this winter.  Shows what he can do when he puts his mind to it.

Derek has been busy with baseball and track.  He went to his division track meet today in Wilkie, also for high jump.  He didn’t place, but he gave it a good try.   He only had the one event, so he came home with me when he was done, and we had a nice lunch together at Unity.  He was glad to have some time at home, as we got a new trampoline.  He spends every spare minute out there, and has a grand time trying various flips.   Good exercise, too.  I may try it myself, but I’m torn – I don’t want anyone to see me, but I will need someone to be there for the inevitable call to the paramedics…

Must run.  Happy Birthday again, Mark, and Happy Birthday on Sunday, Lisa!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to us…

  1. Nice tub shot. It doeasn’t look as bad as sharing a bath with Rob & the peanutback rattlesnakes he let loose.


  2. How did mom get our hair so shiny? Charlie`s, too. Happy birthday to you guys… hope to celebrate together again one year soon.

    I remember the Schan aunts all using our trampoline at one time… I suggest you invite them out for your workout.


  3. Good comments
    Let me know when you try the trampoline out,I would like to take some pictures.

  4. Great Post Chandra!
    Such pooty-cutey pies you all were!:) :) :)
    Happy Birthday to all the ‘Hucks’!

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