Scratchings in the Dirt

NOW it’s spring in Saskatchewan

There, that looks better, doesn’t it?  Green is always preferable to white in May.  Derek has been kept busy cutting grass.  Even though it’s dry, the grass seems to grow.  Well, it was dry – it’s been raining all day here, which has put a stop to the seeding.  Clem said he’s glad for the moisture and the break.  I put the garden in on Monday, so the rain is great in my books!

This is a shot of the perennial bed in front of the house.  I was happy to see that everything came back again this year.  

When Derek isn’t driving the garden tractor, you will find him on his new dirtbike.  He is pretty pumped.   And’s he’s only been caught popping a wheelie once.

Grandma Betty stopped on Monday on her way back to Lethbridge.  Here she is saying good-bye to Derek and telling him how busy he keeps her saying prayers!

Adam has been Clem’s right hand man this spring.  He has been taking over the seeding every day right after school, and on the weekends.  Clem can then do some harrowing or seed cleaning or whatever else needs doing.  

Stephen has been the man around the yard – hauling, cleaning, changing cultivator shovels, whatever.  I love it!

We had a good visit a couple of weeks ago with our Edmonton cousins, the Kobles.  I’m surprised they picked this year to come, seeing how the Riders have the Cup and all.   However, we managed a clan-gathering and potluck, and even got in on a birthday party.  It was very good to have them here again.

This is Randy, Tammy, and Jamie (Randy’s daughter) out at Parnitsky’s, with Jack and Michelle in the cheap seats.

Allan brought out a propane heater to keep us warm, but you would have thought that Kenny, Mark, and Randy would have provided enough hot air!!

Here’s a good shot of Jaycee (with no braces!) and Erin.

It’s always good to see the kids having fun, such a familiar sight on that farm.

Chris came out on Monday, and we took a little drive over to the Ermine cemetary, to check out the giant wheatsheaves.  Quite an impressive sight in the middle of the bald prairie!

And so that about wraps up another month with the Schraefels.  Thanks for your patience with the dirth of postings.  Perhaps you’d like to check out sister Lisa’s Central and South American adventures on her blog ( or brother Rob’s ramblings on his blog ( in case it takes me a while to get back here again!

Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Wow! What a contrast from the last post.
    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear and see that all is well on the Schraefel farm.

    Take care,miss you all

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