Scratchings in the Dirt

Never a dull moment!

Another crazy week here at the Schraefel ranch!  It started with a call from the cops – actually, one cop who was calling as a football coach – to say that he was taking Stephen to the hospital for x-rays on his wrist.  I was working at the library at the time, so I said I would meet Stephen there when I closed in half an hour.  The nurse said she didn’t see anything on the x-ray, but that the doctor would be back in town in about two hours, and to come back then.  So off we went home for supper, with Stephen wincing every time he moved, and looking somewhat green around the gills. Turns out the doctor DID see something, and Stephen is now sporting a bright blue cast.  He is done football for 
the year (obviously, and sadly, since the Rebels are in first place and going into playoffs!) and is out of hockey for 3 to 4 weeks (and the Klippers start their league games on the 13th!)  Oh well, I guess it could have been worse.  I hope he remembers this next year when he wants to play football!

Adam bought a 1987 Chev half-ton (from his dad, so “bought” might be overstating it somewhat).  He has been very busy cleaning and polishing and outfitting it with stereo equipment, the most important part of the vehicle, don’t you know.  It’s comforting to know he still can’t legally drive it.  I wish he would be that particular about his room!

Derek got himself an ipod nano today, and we have been in misery ever since.  He is having trouble getting songs on it,  so we all suffer the consequences of his bad mood.  I almost hate to take the nano away the day he buys it, but that will probably be the next step!  

Clem is celebrating his special day today.  He looked for something to get for himself, but decided he has everything he could ever want.  I may have to remind him of that next time he’s surfing the net for a swather.  Unless that is what he decides he would like for an anniversary gift tomorrow!!

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