Scratchings in the Dirt

It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game!

Or so they say.  It sure feels better when you win, though!  Thank goodness the Flames have picked it up a bit, or the residents of this household would be looking for rope!

The Rebels lost to Biggar in their last league game on Thursday.  They played a half-hearted game for the most part, but picked it up and went ahead in the last minute, only to have Biggar score with 25 seconds left, a beautiful “Hail Mary” toss.  Adam didn’t see too much playing time, but did OK when he was in there.

Stephen went with his team on their first road trip, to PA and Melfort.  They lost both games, and were down to only ten skaters in the second game after a couple of injuries and a couple of fights.  Not a great start to the season, but maybe next weekend’s home games will be better!

Derek jumped out of bed this morning, excited to be starting hockey tonight.  Actually, it’s a power skating course for the next five days, but they will be dressed in their equipment, which for Derek means his new pants and gloves.  Boy, he looks good – let’s hope he can still skate!  I feel sorry for the kids who have to play against him.  He’s an Atom, and they start hitting this year, and he is one solid kid.  He’s just pumped!

I started teaching catechism again yesterday.  Fifteen kids, ages nine and ten, most of them boys.  Apparently 18 years of living with Schraefel males has affected my brain somewhat!

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