Scratchings in the Dirt

It’s not whether you …oops, been there, done that…

But apparently, they’re not playing the game so well.  The Klippers lost to Battleford 5 -3 on Saturday.  It might have gone better if the Klippers had shown up for the second period.  Stephen played OK, but hurt his back checking one of the Barons.  A heating pad, an anti-inflammatory, and a hot bath later seemed to do the trick, and he was feeling better today for the game against Prince Albert.  Not better enough, though, and they went down again, 6 – 4.  The Klippers played quite a bit better today, and stronger goal-tending might have made a difference.  Oh well, next weekend they have two more chances to 
up the stats.  Thank goodness for the Flames (ha-ha Oiler fans!) and the Riders!

Derek had hockey practice yesterday, and it looks like they will have a strong team again.  He’s still doing the Big Bird thing, hanging around home and looking after the blue line.  Adam is a rookie on the combined Kerrobert/Luseland/Dodsland team, and they practiced tonight.  They are also looking good, with some big strong skaters.  It should be an interesting year.  Adam will have to finish the football season first.  They have their first playoff game on Saturday (one hour before Stephen hits the ice in Kindersley!), and they are getting pretty excited.  Should be a good one.

That’s about it for the news around here.  No school tomorrow, so I will try to get some work out of these money drains.

Thanks for checking in!

One thought on “It’s not whether you …oops, been there, done that…

  1. Tell Stephen that Gordie Howe never had a heating pad after games.

    Or, if he did, it was a cold pad, no heat involved.

    Tough it out, tough guy!

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