Scratchings in the Dirt

A sports-filled weekend

OK, no pictures this time.  Even though Adam looked quite a sight in the shiny purple tank top which he wore home from his Grade 10 initiation party.  It did clash with his yellow puke pail, though.  I’m glad those parties are out of the way, and I can now keep them home for another year, since they obviously can’t hold their liquor.  Apparently they don’t take after the Huck side that way.

Saturday was the big football game at Macklin.  The Rebels didn’t find it too hard to beat the Sabres 32 – 6, so even the rookies got to play in the 4th quarter.  Stephen played defense on five downs, and was in on three quarterback sacks.  He is quick and strong, and will be an asset to the team.  He was pretty excited, too.  Adam was in the game a few times, mostly offense, but helped Stephen on defense at the end.  All those early-morning practices are paying off.

Stephen’s hockey team had their first game on Sunday.  Derek video-taped the whole thing.  He did a pretty good job, but what I liked best was that he couldn’t talk while he was taping.  I had to miss the end of the game to get back to town for the fall supper at the church, but we watched the whole game again when we got home!  The Klippers fell to the Battlefords Barons by one goal, mostly because of goal-tending.  Hopefully, that will improve with time. Stephen played a strong game, and was throwing guys around left and right.  He will be 
a force to be reckoned with this year, I think!  

Aunt Hilda and Uncle Keith Caldwell are returning to Chemainus from their trip to Thunder Bay, and came out for breakfast this morning.  We had a really good visit, and it was so nice to see them again.  I hope I get around like that when I am that age!

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Bye for now!