Scratchings in the Dirt


Derek spent yesterday on his new tractor- He mowed the whole yard

We got another new (used) tractor- We have about 70 hours on it this spring and it runs like a charm so far. The old tractor is 33 years old this year and has done well. We have seeded about 300 acres of green peas before being stopped by 1/2′ of rain. We have been working around the yard and should be back at it by Monday. Forecast is for sunny and plus 20 for the next five days.

3 thoughts on “Farming

  1. The photo of Derek brings back soooo many memories. Let’s hope the novelty doesn’t wear off too soon. You could always get a wagon to pull behind it.I’m sure you’ve told him about how d ifficult it was using the ‘push’ mower.

    Good luck with seeding/cutting!!

  2. I’m pretty sure Clem meant 1/2″ (inch), not 1/2′(foot) of rain!

    Adam and Stephen are out painting the deck this morning. I am watching Canada play at the World Hockey tourney in Moscow – just saw sister Lisa on TV. She’s looking good as ever. Adam thought she had a beer in her hand? Couldn’t be. Must have been her camera.

  3. Wow! What a tractor! Great color too! Talk about farming in luxury! Derek is such a responsible young man!
    keep the pictures coming!

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