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The Schraefel Farm

The Schraefel Farm

Adam & I traveled on a stormy Friday to Meadow Lake for his Zone camp weekend. We had spent the night Thursday with no power from 3 PM till 8:30 AM because of the frost on the power lines and the winds. The ol’ house got pretty cold. We had a few Kerosene heaters burning to keep from freezing, but the smell is taking a while to disperse!

Adam was having quite a camp. He was feeling muscles he never even knew he had. It was a very intense high level camp with about 80 players from our zone. Near the end of the first game, Adam took a hard check into the boards. He immediately got up as if he was OK and took a penalty shot, went off and came back on for another shift, but he wasn’t looking very good. The trainer came and talked to me after the game, saying Adam didn’t know where he was or what was going on. It turned out he didn’t remember anything starting from about last November, and was complaining about a sore neck. We took him to the hospital and it was clear he had absolutely no short term memory. For the next 3 hours through the tests and X-rays, he kept asking if he had just woke up and where we were. He was insisting that he never even wanted to come to this type of camp. He would go through the text messages on his phone, denying that he sent any of it. I explained what was going on, and I would show him the list of kids he was playing with and he couldn’t believe it. He would then ask the same questions again and we would go through the whole routine again as if it never happened. Very scary for all of us. He stayed in the hospital that night showing very little improvement. By morning, however, after a good sleep, he had recovered 90 % of his memory, and was released with instructions to stay away from hockey for 6 weeks. To his disappointment, he is done for the remainder of the season. He has had concussions before, but none were this severe, so we are watching him closely, but he seems to have made a full recovery.

Derek’s Friday playoff game was rescheduled for Sunday, and they handily won their first game of the total point series. Derek got a beautiful goal, but his Uncle Rob, future Aunt Amber, and Grandma Betty missed it because they left early. I can’t believe they can find something more important to do than hockey. Stephen continues his playoff run on Friday against Prince Albert. It will be a tough series.


6 thoughts on “The Schraefel Farm

  1. Adam, I am so grateful that ,that wonderful brain of yours is still intact and that greater things(yes, even than hockey) are in store for you.Stay safe!! I am not surprised at all that Derek could accomplish such wonders ’cause he is such a good, strong skater, anticipates well and knows where his teammates are on the ice. He also knows when to pass!Sure reminds me of Dion Phaneuf and from now on, perhaps he will be my “Dion!” Way to go!Sure wish I could have been there!
    Good luck to Stephen as well.

  2. How very worrisome about Adam. I think he should take up a less-contact sport, like making snow angels. Be careful, you boys!!

    And congrats on being a star player, Derek. He is half-Luseland, afterall.

  3. Derek didn’t fail to amaze last night too. Luseland had us down 3-1 and we couldn’t seem to get anything going. They were frustrating our snipers, by keeping them tied up and playing a hell of a defensive game. Around the end of the second Derek brought it around his own net and took it up for the goal that brought the house down and after that they were scoring machines winning about 12 – 3. Derek had one more in the top shelf and three assists. He is pumped today!

  4. I should’ve known something was going to happen in Derek’s game when he told us during the second intermission that he was going to get to play forward for the third period. Oh well.

    I am so happy to hear that Adam’s eggs aren’t as scrambled as they could have been. I know how hard it is to be out for the season, but I just hope he realizes how lucky he is.

  5. Amazing! Glad Adam is doing okay now. Wondering… what ya’ll would do if there was no hockey!Rock on!

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