Scratchings in the Dirt

Home again. The boys and I went to Saskatoon on Friday to shop for a few items (i.e. clothes for them) and to take Derek to his Tier One tournament at the Jemini arena. They were beating Regina 4 -1 at the beginning of the second period when I had to leave to take Stephen to Warman for a playoff game. Derek’s team ended up winning 9 -4, but Stephen’s team didn’t fare so well. They lost 5-3 in a back and forth game. It was a bit of a heart-breaker after last weekend’s 7-2 win over Warman. However, it was the first game in the two-game total point series, and Kindersley got them back good on Sunday, beating them soundly, 13-4, in the old Klipper barn.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I sent Stephen and Adam home from Warman on the Klipper bus on Friday night, and Derek and I were on our own for the rest of the weekend. His team played two more games on Saturday, beating two Saskatoon teams 7-0 and 5-4, and ended up in the “A” final Sunday morning against a very strong Edmonton team. We lost that game 12-3, but the kids played very well, and never gave up. We were so proud of them. That was the first game they lost all season. They were heart-broken, but being 8 years old, recovered quite quickly. They start playoffs on Friday, and will likely end up with the league championship. Stephen’s team will advance to the semi-finals in his league. The finals are scheduled for the weekend of March 17 – my brother, Rob’s, wedding. That could pose a fine dilemma! What kind of hockey fan gets married in March??

I ran into a few people from the old country – Luseland – this weekend in Saskatoon, Leo and Vicky Gartner, and Danny and Kelly (MacKenzie) Zunti. It’s always nice to renew old aquaintances, and revisit old memories.

See you next week!

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