Scratchings in the Dirt

I wasn’t one of them.

Wow.  I guess I took a little break!  Based on the last post, you may have thought that perhaps I was amongst the perished.  But no, I’ve just been trying to dig myself out from under this pile of tasks I’ve taken on.  Hockey, choir, hockey, travel club, hockey, farm books, hockey…well, you get the idea.  Have no fear, I will prevail.  It’s just that sometimes something has to give, and this was it, my friends.

But I’m back.  Where to start?  Our junior hockey team, the Rage, lost out in the first round of playoffs.  Our billet is still here, but the wind-up is this weekend, so that should change shortly.  Now to get the books in order and come up with a financial statement to see how they really did!

Derek’s team has been quite successful this season.  They ended up second in the league, and are currently one goal up in their first round of playoffs.  They are also in provincial playoffs, and will meet neighbouring Macklin on Sunday for the second game in the third round.  We’ve seen some good hockey.  We’ve seen some bad stuff, too, but they seem to keep squeaking by!  I just love how they all hustle and work together.  Other than one really, really bad bus trip to Naicam, it’s been a great year!

I ventured to the wild side and got myself the new Blackberry Z10.  Wow.  Nice phone, but huuuuge learning curve.  I feel like a real greenhorn, but am consoled by the fact the the forums are full of people in the same boat.  Again, I will prevail. Eventually.

Christmas was great. (Yes, it’s been that long.)  It was much quieter and smaller than usual, and I kept looking around and wondering to myself, “Where is everyone?”  Adam and Stephen had cross-shift on Christmas Day, so Stephen joined Clem, Derek, Mom, Dad, Mark and myself for a quiet Christmas Eve.  (Honest.  That was it.)  Stephen flew out Christmas morning, and Adam arrived just in time for a humble Christmas supper at our place with the same people except Mark, who wasn’t feeling well.  (I know.  Six people at the table.  It just didn’t feel right!)  Rob and Amber and their incredibly cute kidlets joined us on Boxing Day, and we had our real Christmas supper then – turkey and all the trimmings.  It was so nice to have little ones around again.  The perogie is just the right age to start catching on to the whole ‘present’ thing, and it was fun to watch.  And of course we all got our turn snuggling little Sammy.   And speaking of Sammy, his mom sent an email yesterday that made my day.  Check this out – it really doesn’t get much cuter!

We also received some photos of the other cutie patootie nephew.  This auntie really needs a trip to Calgary!
So that is definitely the Coles notes version of life at the Schraefel farm for the last couple of months.  I’ll try to keep it more current from now on, OK Carl?  
Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Ha ha! Yes, Yes, Don't ever do that again! I experienced huge withdrawl symptoms. Now I can sleep soundly tonight.

    Thanks for the update! Nice to hear from you again.
    carl in KSA

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