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This is what love looks like

My great-aunt Barbara died yesterday.  She was 91, and the last of my mom’s aunts and uncles.  She was married for nearly 64 years to my grandpa’s youngest brother, Joe.  He died last year.  They lived in a care home, and although in different rooms, were able to be together each day.  They would often sit and hold hands, like in this photo.  She was unable to communicate for the past eight years, except with her eyes.  I remember when Mom and I visited a few years ago, how Aunt Barbara would just sit and look at Mom.  I know she knew her, and wanted Mom to know that. 

Uncle Joe and Aunt Barbara had five wonderful children, who took exceptionally good care of their parents.   Their daughter, Debbie, wrote in an email yesterday, Mom and Dad are together once again. I’ve missed her laugh these passed 8 years and I’m smiling now just thinking about the laughter and joy she is experiencing today.”  Such lovely thoughts.

So forget all those mushy airbrushed photos of young couples walking hand in hand on a beach.  This is what love really looks like!
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