Scratchings in the Dirt


Romber brought two of the cutest little guys ever to visit auntie and family.  It took the perogie a bit of time to warm up, but we sure had fun after that! 

Sam is such a happy little guy.  The smiles just bust out of him!  Warms the heart!

A rare serious moment.  He was probably wondering who the crazy lady was behind the camera.

He looks like Ashley to me in this shot.

The Calgary kidlets weren’t able to drop in to visit, but their dad sent an awesome photo via email.  Auntie may just need to make a road trip!!

The other morning we woke up to discover that Jack Frost had visited.  I just had to take the camera for a little walk!  


Clem somehow manages to back this tandem truck into a dark shed and end up inches from the bagger.  I am in awe.

Derek’s team has gone undefeated in their first four games.  Not bad for a rag-tag group of “leftovers”!  We have a great group of parents, too, and we are really enjoying the season so far!  I especially like our Monday practices in God’s country, where I feel very at home and am able to renew some old acquaintances.   If you’d like to keep up-to-date with the KDL Bantams, go to our website HERE.  
For those of you who remember Lil (Guintaut) Body, you’ll be sad to hear that she passed away last Friday.  I went to school with her daughter, and will go and pay my respects tomorrow.  Sad.
I better get off the computer and do some other things around here.  Clem has informed me that Stephen will be stopping in shortly.  Which makes sense – it’s almost lunchtime!!
Thank YOU for stopping in.  Always a pleasure chatting with you!

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  1. Great post &
    very cutie pie photos!!!!
    your jack frost pictures make me miss winter
    (just a little bit…heheheh)
    Uncle carl

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