Scratchings in the Dirt

“Wanna ride in my lift?”

You don’t hear that line very often, do you?  My extremely resourceful husband was working on his combine the other evening.  He has it all torn apart and I’m pretty sure it is going to be completely rebuilt when he is done!  How he knows how to do all that is beyond me.   I’m pretty sure it’s not just the Youtube videos he finds, either!  

Here he is with one of his generators – it’s for sale, if you’re interested, and the oil has just been changed!
Here’s the combine, all torn apart.  I’ll try to remember to post the “after” shots.

I was walking around the yard, and stopped to check out Clem’s new manlift.  He and a couple of friends bought it and put a new motor in it.  It comes in very handy for changing yard light bulbs, shingling, and seeing your yard from a great height.  That’s when I heard him say, “Wanna ride in my lift?”   So that’s what we did.  And I took my camera.  Fun!

Here’s our house from on high.  I think he said we were about 30 feet up.

And here’s my garden.  Much more impressive from up here, and you can’t see the portulaca!

We were also able to see the drilling rig setting up on our land, about a mile away.  They are done drilling now, and I never did get down there to snap a few.  And no, we don’t know yet if they found oil! 
Looking east over the shop, with a couple of shadowy figures!

While Clem went back to his combine fixing, I wandered around and took a few shots of the beautifully coloured flowers.  I love this time of year!

Funny how nice an old swing that desperately needs painting can look in a yard that desperately needs trimming when the light is right!!

That’s all for now.  Thanks for checking in!