Scratchings in the Dirt

What I found on my PHONE (not camera!)

I often use my camera phone (phone, not camera!  sheesh!!) to snap pictures, and then forget that they are on there!  So when I went looking for photos for the last post, I stumbled on some that should be shared!

1.  Derek giving Roxy a bath in a very small tub!  Still makes me giggle.

 2.  An item of clothing, normally worn by women for support, adorning a power pole at Attons last year.  Also made me giggle.

3.  My mom and some of her siblings, gathered to celebrate a couple of birthdays.  Sweethearts, all.

4.  My sweet perogie, playing peek-a-boo with auntie.  

This is how he sits in his highchair.  How I wish I was that flexible, though I question the hygiene around having one’s feet so close to one’s food, especially when one uses one’s hand to eat and to play with said feet!

5.  Clem tying Derek’s tie.  He was getting gussied up for a provincial hockey game.  He cleans up not too bad.

That’s it for now.  What – two posts in one day isn’t enough??? Sheesh!