Scratchings in the Dirt

Sam, I am.

I have a new nephew, and he’s just adorable.  Sam decided to enter the world about a week early,  but he’s so cute we totally forgive him.  

The happy family!
The perogie is pretty pumped about his new little brother!

Of course, he likes his Elmo chair a lot, too.

Grandma enjoying her new grandson!

Sam looks quite a bit like his big brother, so maybe he’ll get these gorgeous brown eyes, too.

Yep, he’s got toes just like me!

Grandma had fun with the perogie, too.  You just have to remember not to show him a cell phone or camera, because he does NOT like it when you put it away!

Where’s Sam??


Storytime with Grandma.

Mr. Bright Eyes, waking up to visit just before I had to leave.

Myles and Jean came to visit, too.  It was so nice to see them again!

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