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Good for the soul

A friend and I tried a new restaurant in Saskatoon on Thursday.  I had read a very good review about a place that serves local, organic food, but I couldn’t remember the name of it.  Luckily a very helpful clerk was able to jog my memory, and we headed over for an early lunch.  I could have stayed there all day!  It is a bistro/bakery/grocery store all rolled into one, and it is amazing.  It is called Souleio, and if you are ever near 265-3rd Ave S you must go in!!!  You will not be disappointed.  The only bad thing about our visit is that we were walking and I could not carry all that I wanted to buy!!

Souleio is in a nicely renovated older building, and has oodles of character and charm.  It has an authentic ‘general store’ feel to it. There is an eclectic collection of old vintage tables and chairs, with help-yourself water crocks and many windows.  You order your meal at the counter, and they bring it to your table when it’s ready.  In the meantime, you can browse their huge assortment of groceries – meat, dairy, dried grains and legumes, pastas, wines, baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, oils and vinegars, spices – or watch them create your culinery masterpiece.  I’m pretty sure they were growing their own herbs on the windowsill, too.  We tried the creamy beet and dill soup (superb), the roasted beet salad with chevre and balsamic dressing (amazing), the lentil salad with feta and creamy dressing (wonderful), the apple maple bacon pie (omg), and the dulce de leche banana cream torte (too sweet for me, but oh so good!)  Every bite was a treat.  I would have stayed longer, and probably eaten more, but many customers were coming in for lunch, and I felt bad that they might not get to eat as well as we did!!  So we shopped.  I came home with key lime chili penne, flax seed oil, saffron (you might not believe this, but you can’t find saffron in Kerrobert!), a jar of ground horseradish, and a jar of strawberry and haskap jam.  I really wanted some of the fresh homemade bread, but didn’t think it would survive the two-hour walk around Midtown plaza.  All in all, a wonderful experience.  I will be going back!!

If you’re too far away, you can check it out here.  Their website is well done, too!

Something else good for my soul, and my head, is a book I’m currently reading.  I first heard Ken Robinson speak on a TED talk on youtube.  I googled his name, and found that he has written some books.  One, “The Element”, deals with creativity and innovation and types of intelligence.  So very interesting, and apparently when I’m done, I’ll be able to find my passion and change my life!  Look out world!

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