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Blame it on Facebook.

Or Pinterest.  Or even perhaps my new ereader.  I’ve been busy with a little me-time, and it’s been good.  For me, that is, but then I guess that’s the point!  But today I got the Christmas out of the house (for that fabulous  once-a-year spacious feeling) and started getting myself organized for 2012.  It absolutely amazes me that it is now the year 2012.  That means that I will turn 47 this year (which, when my mother was that age, was ancient), our oldest child will be 20, and we will be married for 23 years.  How in the world does that happen?  I guess I blinked.  Actually, on second thought, this progression of time is good; it is how it should be, and perhaps realizing how fast it happens will cause me to live more in the moment and to savour those moments.

I did get to do a little of that this Christmas.  I was actually ready for Christmas this year (as long as no one went looking in any drawers or cupboards), and was able to enjoy a few extra things, like a cookie-decorating party for my niece and a couple of good-looking little cousins.  What fun!  The weather has been unseasonably warm this winter, and Derek has the dugout in prime skating condition.  We took advantage of that a few times.  And when I say we, I mean people who can skate.  Definitely not me.

I spent the week before Christmas finishing up some last-minute stuff, having some friends over for supper, and attending a the funeral of a wonderful lady, Madge Knorr, where I saw people I haven’t seen for years.  Many, many years.  And although it was a terribly sad occasion, it was good to catch up with old friends.  Savour those moments, people!

Then for Christmas, my whole family, minus our Santiago-dwelling sister Lisa, was here.  We spent Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s farm, visiting and eating and playing cards.  Christmas Day found them all at our farm for more visiting, eating, and a bit of skating.  Derek also shared some of his newly-acquired guitar playing skills and wowed the crowd.  Dylan joined the Huck crew, too, as his mom is at their Mexican casa and his dad was heading back to Fort Mac to work. Copper is at the perfect age for Christmas, and delighted us all with her excitement and wonder.  And little Rogan really seemed to enjoy his first Christmas.  It is definitely a more magical time when there are children around!

Jason outdid himself once again with the turducken.  It was scrumptious, although there may or may not have been a bit too much bacon involved.  And since I’m all about savouring the moment now, Clem hid behind the camera and took some great shots.

Boxing Day was back out at Mom and Dad’s, and my Uncle Tony and cousin Tim joined us for the day.  There was more visiting and eating (you may be noticing a pattern developing) and watching a couple of hockey games.  Oh, and playing with cute little kids. 

The rest of the week was all about visiting and eating leftovers and reading and napping and drinking wine and watching hockey on TV.  It was terrific!   It is my favourite time of the year.  I am renewed and ready again to take on whatever life has to throw at me.  If you had a crystal ball, you would be seeing hockey rinks and farm receipts right now.  It probably won’t throw much more than that!

So thanks for checking in – you are such a patient group! – and may 2012 bring you health and happiness!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the excellent Holiday Photos…ah to see that Schraefel and Huck family table so full…reminds me of those bygone days when I was a wee lad on the farm!same table…just a few different folks LOL
    Happy New Years!
    Uncle carl

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