Scratchings in the Dirt

Quick Takes

1.  It feels like spring here.  The temperatures have been above freezing for nearly a week, which is rather a rarity in these parts in late November.

2.  A shout out to two of my favourite aunts (aren’t they all?), who are celebrating their birthdays today.  They are fabulous ladies, and I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful family. 

3.  It is also my parents’ anniversary today, so “Happy Anniversary”, you two!  Thanks for getting hitched and staying that way!

4.  Adam came to visit yesterday.  He was hungry.  His new room-mate doesn’t like to pay rent or buy groceries, but he really likes eating.  Makes for not so nice living arrangements and an empty fridge.  On the upside, Adam drove himself here!  Yessirree, he has his license back.  And his brother’s car.  That may be another reason he can’t afford groceries…

5.  Stephen came to visit yesterday, too.  Well, not so much visit as take things.  He needed some warm duds for work, where he goes tomorrow.  He didn’t eat, though, as he apparently had a really good time the night before and was feeling a little under the weather.  He got in a few hockey games while he was on days off, but his presence didn’t seem to help, and the Rage remains in bottom place in the league with very few marks in the win column.  We’ve got heart, though!

6.  We now have only one billet, a very nice young man from Hay River, NWT.  He has a part-time job in town.  It’s supposed to be full-time, but he has a getting-up problem.  I’m thinking he will shortly have a no-time job.

7.  Derek continues to amuse us with his teen-age antics.  (Excuse me while I remove my tongue from my cheek.)  He’s having another great hockey year, and his team remains undefeated at 6 and 0.   His report card wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be – he will live another day.

8.  Clem’s friend is building us new doors for the kitchen cupboards.  I am excited.  And sick about the work that entails – cleaning, rearranging, painting.  Oh well, I will add it to the list!

9.  I got to see my nephew the other day for a wee visit.  He really is adorable, and so bright.  And he has the most gorgeous big brown eyes.  Almost perfect, really, especially if you ask his dad.  And we will all get to enjoy him and my cute-patootie niece for Christmas this year, when my whole family will join us Christmas Day.  Well, except Lisa, unless she surprises us from Chile.  But we will have the Skype ready. 

10.  I’ve been busy with the Junior hockey team, three choirs, and my work at the library.  Clem is, as he likes to say, on days off.  Although he is getting a few little jobs done around here.  He hurt his wrist at harvest, though, and it has been giving him a lot of grief.  He’s been doctoring, and hopefully they can soon diagnose and treat it!

So that’s about it from the Schaefel ranch.  Thanks for stopping by!