Scratchings in the Dirt

Quick Takes (because that’s all we seem to have time for!)

1.  I seem to be living life in the fast lane.  I didn’t realize that was possible while living in small-town SK and not having a full-time job, but apparently it can be done!  My mom dropped a ‘subtle’ hint last night on the phone (“I checked the blog last night and there’s nothing new on there.”  See?  Subtle.)  so I thought I should scratch out a few lines, anyway!

2.  I have lost (read: Derek someone “borrowed” and misplaced) the cable I need to download the pictures from my camera to the computer.  I have been waiting to blog until that shows up, but I’m starting to think that will be never, and then how will you know the hockey scores?  I’m sure that cable is in the house somewhere.  Or, it could have gone in the garbage like my favorite kitchen shears did when I was in Chile.  Or, someone could have broken in an taken only that cable.  You just never know.

3.  Flying is my new preferred method of travel to hockey games.  The Midgets flew from Saskatoon to La Ronge for Game 2 of the Provincial A Northern Finals.  What a blast!  I had fun just watching the kids enjoy it.  Oh, and we won the game 7 – 2, which was an added bonus.   The final round is with Estevan  (yep, we could fly there, too – I checked!), who will be here on Sunday.  We go back there next Sunday.  The Midgets are also in league playoffs, and should get by the semi-finals this week to meet the “lands” team from down the road(s).   Should be an exciting final!

4.  The Pee Wees are continuing their drive for Provincial “C” champs banner, and part of that drive is to Kamsack on Saturday.  For the record, everyone should know that Clem is actually going on the bus to the game.  First time EVER!  I’ve never been to Kamsack, but I think I will continue to live a full life without doing so.  It should be a good game, as we are only up two goals.

5.  It is COLD.  Cold, cold, cold.  And we have SNOW.  Lots of snow.  It’s been an old-fashioned winter here this year.  But I must say it looks gorgeous this morning – fresh white snow, hoarfrost on the trees, and bright blue sky.  This is where one of those pictures would really come in handy.  Someone sent us this picture, and it pretty much sums up the weather thing.

6.  And, speaking of pictures, I have a few of the moose that has moved into our yard.  Of course, they are on the camera, so I can’t show them to you.  Apparently the menu here is to his liking – willows, poplars, Colorado pine, chokecherry.  Who needs a windbreak around the farm, anyway? 

7.  I am reading the best book.  It is called “Left Neglected”, by Lisa Genova, the author of “Still Alice”.   Both books have made me realize how lucky we are, even with the cold, the bus trips, and the moose!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Quick Takes (because that’s all we seem to have time for!)

  1. Hi Chandra,
    I for one check your blog daily, your mom is right! LOL We want to hear from you more!

    jess teasin, we all know ur a bizzy bee, but ur writing and photos are good and so….like to hear and see more. Demanding followers? you bet ya!

    Hope you find that cable.

    Good luck with the hockey! And the moose!

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