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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day, but we don’t really celebrate that much around here.  It’s a bit of a “girly” holiday, so you can probably understand why that just doesn’t go over too well in this macho household, what with all the pink cupcakes and such.  Besides, there’s not much time for hearts when we’re always at the rink!  The Midgets and Pee Wees both advanced to the third round of Provincials.  The Pee Wees decimated their second-round opponents 25 to 1, and they decided, mercifully, not to come back to Kerrobert for another trouncing.  The Midgets beat Swift Current 14 to 2 in their series.  It was a great game in town this afternoon, and we had an amazing crowd.  It was good old small town hockey fun.  I think we showed those city-slickers how to put on a hockey game!   Although Speedy Creek might not be a city – I’ll have to Google that one.

It was good to see the Midgets play so well after losing their last two league games, mostly because they just didn’t try.  Hopefully they have got that out of their system, as we are heading into league playoffs (starting with Wilkie) and have to go to La Ronge for the next Provincial run.  Nothing like a drive to northern Saskatchewan in the middle of winter!

We had a sad week here.  We lost a very dear, long-time family friend.  Mary grew up with Clem’s mom, and their mothers and grandmothers were friends.  Clem grew up with Mary’s kids – he is even in a picture from one of their family reunions!  So although it was nice to see everyone when they were home, it was awfully hard to say good-bye to such a wonderful lady.  We sent her off in style, though!  I’m still recovering.

The weather has been so mild here, which is very enjoyable if you don’t have to drive anywhere.  We’re never sure what the roads are going to be like at any given time of any given day.  Makes it rather hard to plan anything.  Not a good thing for the manager of a hockey team!

So I am off to bed for a long beauty sleep – heaven knows I need it (and you are welcome to take that however you like!)

Thanks for checking in!

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. How sad about Mary. What a great loss.
    thanks for keeping us posted. Safe 'prop plane' travels to LaRonge. Go Kerrobert, go!
    Lisa x

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