Scratchings in the Dirt

Point form.

1.  It was -32 C when I got up this morning.  ‘Nuff said.

2.  The Pee Wees won the first Provincial series 22 – 3.  Does anyone else think they should have gone in a higher draw????   We went to The-Town-With-Three-Last-Names-in-the-Phonebook last night for game one of the second round.  We won 6 – 1.  Derek had two goals and three assists.  His comment:  “Good thing I went, or we would have tied them.”  It was actually a pretty good game, and their goalie had the boys stymied well into the second period.  But I think he just got tired – the poor thing faced 60 shots in the game! – and it was all downhill from there.   I don’t envy them having to come back here next weekend!

3.  The Midgets squeaked through their first Provincial round.  Rosthern beat us 3 to 1 in the second game, but we won the series 6 to 5.  Clem is setting up the second round with Swift Current at this very minute.  Stephen was very sick for a few days and was unable to write his departmental Chemistry exam, but managed to drag himself (literally) to the rink for the game!  The coach said the dressing room seemed like a hospital ward, but they played hard and had a couple of days to recuperate afterward.

4.  I have so far escaped the wrath of the flu bugs which have taken up residence in our town and school.  Stephen, Derek, and Clem succumbed to various symptoms but have rallied and will likely prevail.   Stephen said he has never felt so sick, ever.  It must have been bad, as I noticed that the car didn’t move for almost two days.

5.  I spent the whole day Saturday, save for two hours at the library and one hour at church, at our local rink watching hockey.  Five games, folks!  The best game by far was the Initiation team, age 5 and under.  It was the best entertainment I’ve had in a long time!  (The fact that I stayed in town all day may or may not be related to the fact that Clem was sick in bed.  Just sayin’.)

6.  A local lady and her granddaughter traveled to Bangladesh in November to meet her foster child, whom she sponsors through Chalice.  (We have a Chalice foster child in Paraguay, and it’s an amazing organization.)   They gave a presentation about their trip yesterday afternoon, and it was so good.  It was also so similar to my trip to Tanzania.  It was a good reminder to count my blessings.

7.  We learned last night of the death of Donna Purvis, whose mother, a McGinnis, grew up near my family farm and later worked for Clem’s mom when the kids were small.  Another reminder to count my blessings and live every day to the fullest!

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