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Weather update, part 2 (and a bit more)

OK, my last post was May 29.  Really.  Where, oh, where does the time go?  And why can’t I get some sort of regular posting going?  Oh well.  They say it’s the thought that counts, and I sure think a lot about posting!!   Today I thought that perhaps I could post in point form, to make it a bit easier.  We’ll see how it works!

1.  It’s still raining.  Well, we haven’t had any rain today (yet – knock on wood!), and it was hot, hot, hot.  Just what we need.  The crops are growing like crazy.  The peas have been blooming forever, so there should be lots of pods on.  The flax has just started blooming – such a pretty wave of blue in the mornings.  If someone – ahem – could get her butt out of bed early enough, there could be pictures!  Everything is about two weeks behind, but if we can get a long, frost-free fall, we’re good to go!

2.  We bought a camper, and we are now “lake people”.  Why oh why did we wait so long to do this??  It is just so relaxing to have nothing to do, nowhere to go, and NO PHONE!  Well, Clem has his Blackberry, and even got a cell phone booster to try, but he has always been just a little different.  To each his own.  As he says, I read books, he reads his phone.  Point taken.  Derek LOVES being at the lake.  We spent a few days at Meota campground on Jackfish Lake, where he did a little fishing off the pier.  He caught a couple, too, but he doesn’t like to touch them, so he goes through quite a bit of tackle!  Then we moved the camper over to Atton’s Lake, which is smaller and quieter, but quite lovely.  The Prescotts have a cabin there, so we got to visit Mildred, who lives there year-round, and is doing very well in her 88th year. (She mentioned that quite a few times, so I thought I would throw it in here.)  Her grandson is just older than Derek, and they renewed their friendship.  Derek even spent a couple of nights at the cabin.  Rus took them tubing, the highlight of Derek’s holiday, I think.  Well, that and Toby’s 14-year-old female friend in the bikini.

Did I mention that Clem does a lot of cooking when we camp?  Love it!

The water was a little cold, I think….

…but he went in anyway!

3.  Adam ran into a little bad luck just before he graduated (yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but I have a son old enough to graduate!!), and is now walking for a year rather than driving.  He has moved into a house in town with a buddy of his, and comes out to help with the farming.  He’s put quite a few hours on the tractor trying to keep the weeds down on the summerfallow, which isn’t easy, having to work between rains.  He is still trying to decide what he’ll do in the fall.  I have quit asking, since I just get dizzy trying to keep up with all the ideas.  I figure I’ll find out when he asks for the money he’ll inevitably need.

Cousin Tracy took some casual grad photos at the farm – I love them.

Bobbi had a little family gathering for Adam and Jaycee the night before grad.  


4.  Stephen has a summer job at a camp three hours out of Fort Nelson, BC.  He works two weeks straight, and then is home for two weeks.  He just got back from the first shift.  I’ll let you know how it went as soon as he decides to talk to us again (that’s what happens when you tick off a 16-year-old) or when he is actually home long enough to say anything.

5.  We helped celebrate Luseland’s 100th birthday on the July long weekend.  It was a great time.  I saw so many people I hadn’t seen in so long, and it was fun to catch up.  My brothers were home for that and Adam’s graduation, and it was good to see everyone again.  Dad’s cousin, Roy, came from Victoria, and we reconnected with a long-lost Veness cousin, Michelle.  Copper just keeps getting cuter, and I think she knows it!

The Rider float in the wonderful parade.  That’s good ol’ Doug Walz with the watermelon on his head!

Dad’s cousin Jerry and friend Norm Behm (who is also my godfather!) were also in the parade.
Mark rode in the fire truck.
Some of the Class of ’83!
Hometown boy Jared Fischer did a mural on the side of the rink – amazing!

6.  We got another new camera because “nobody” dropped the “old” one and the lense cover doesn’t work anymore.  So I’ve been trying it out, and snapped a few photos tonight because the sky was just amazing – huge clouds and great light.  Enjoy!
My flower bed – no watering necessary this year!

So that’s it for now, I think.  I’m sure there was more, but that should keep you going for a bit!  
Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Weather update, part 2 (and a bit more)

  1. Chandra,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! We certainly appreciate all of our family and friends who check in on us, especially when it seems we're often so far away. Hope you've been having a wonderful summer and I look forward to reading more about what you're up to as well! :-)

    * Melissa & Scott

  2. Oh and I LOVE the camper. Too bad we couldn't meet up somewhere in the middle for a camping weekend.

  3. Great update…well worth the wait!
    Wow what a fancy- smancy camper! Great Grad shots of Adam and Jaycee.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer R&R, before harvest comes round again!
    Cheers, Carl

  4. Woo hoo. Glad you see you're back. I'm soo bummed that I was that close to your farm and didn't know it. Next time for sure I'm dropping in!

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