Scratchings in the Dirt

Spring? Winter? Someone tell me which coat to wear!

Wow, has it been beautiful these last couple of days.  Our first spring of the year – be a couple more months before the real one, I suppose.

We are back into the thick of things around here, mostly at the rink!  I know – you are probably shocked to hear that (insert sarcasm).  The Midgets are still undefeated, playing some very good hockey.  I’m still waiting for that elusive Schraefel/Schraefel goal, and there isn’t much time left!  Adam made it onto the first line this week, and does some amazing passing.   Stephen has decided to become more offensive-minded, and is spending a lot of time around the other team’s net, very out of character for him but nice to watch. And it’s paying off, as he is racking up some points.  He played with the Junior team again on the weekend, and assisted their first goal of the game.  He and I are off to Kyle this weekend (woo-hoo!) for the Midget Zone camp.  Adam is staying behind to go with the Midget team to Macklin for an exhibition game, which was scheduled before we knew that we will play them in the first round of Provincials.  Could be an interesting match-up!

Derek’s team went to North Battleford last weekend and quite easily beat a tournament team there.  Derek got a goal, too, but unfortunately it was for the other team.  It bounced off his leg and past our unsuspecting goalie!  He didn’t seem too upset about it, and luckily his teammates didn’t give him the gears over it.  He and Clem are going to Lloyd on the weekend for a tournament there.

Adam’s and Stephen’s passports are currently on their way here so that they and I can partake of the school’s biannual Europe trip.  This year it will be to Italy and Greece, and includes a four-day cruise of the Greek islands.  Sounds heavenly, if you don’t think too much about the fact that it is mostly teenagers in the group!  Actually, I am really looking forward to it, and to spending some time with the boys on a holiday, something we really haven’t done much over the years.  I think it will be a valuable experience for them, as well.

And that’s about it for things going on around here.  Thanks for checking in!

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