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We’re Done!!

We’re done, we’re done, we’re done!  Another harvest finished on the Schraefel farm.  Yahoo!  It is always such a relief when those machines pull into the yard for the last time.  Although now the fun begins – trying to sell all this good grain.  But at least it is dry and safe in the bins.  It’s raining this morning, and I feel for the farmers who still have crop out, but wow, it feels good to be done!

In other news, Stephen is now legally driving.  Those of you in the area may want to steer clear of a black Dodge truck for a while.  He is quickly learning that gas is not cheap, though, and may soon go back to hitching a ride on the big yellow bus that he now follows into town each school day!  Of course that would entail actually getting out of bed in time to catch the big yellow bus, so we’ll see how that goes.

Adam and Stephen are in the middle of a very successful football season.  The Rebels are 4 and 0, and looking at a good run in the playoffs.  Stephen even made the front page of the local rag, after intercepting a pass and making a “spectacular” 60-yard run for a touchdown.  He and Adam are both on the defensive line this year, and do very well.  Adam was a human wrecking machine the last game, with at least two quarterback sacks. It scares me a little how much they enjoy tackling and pounding other humans into the ground!

Derek has begun his hockey season with a five-day power skating course in town.  He is, of course, enjoying himself, since he is 1) off the farm, 2) with his friends, 3) playing sports, and 4) in close proximity to the local convenience store.  Life is good!  He is presently trying to decide whether he will come with us to Weyburn on the Thanksgiving weekend, or beg for room and board with a friend so he can play the first two hockey games of the season.  Time will tell – either Clem and I will have a nice get-away to celebrate our 20th anniversary (yes, I said 20, folks – ugh), or we will get to stock the vehicle with electronics and listen to our youngest asking “how much longer” for the six-hour drive.  Wish us luck!  And please send some positive energy this way to help ensure our farm is still intact after a weekend of being inhabited solely by two teen-age boys…

 And that’s about it around here.  Thanks for checking in!

2 thoughts on “We’re Done!!

  1. I am a farmer from Sweden and I have always wondered how farming works in North Canada.Found your blog from "Just Below 63".
    Like your pictures too.

  2. LOL Wow Life is good!!!
    Always a joy to hear what's happening on the Schraefel farm.
    Congratas on the harvest end.

    heh you!LOL
    Don't drink and drive!!!!
    Yeah I Know…
    Have a safe trip to Weyburn.

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