Scratchings in the Dirt

I’m just sitting here in the office looking out at the sunshiney day (which isn’t all that easy with windows as dirty as ours), enjoying the peace and quiet (read: trying to ignore the songs Adam is downloading off itunes), and thought I’d write a little hockey recap for all of you faithful readers.  Because I have time, since there is NO HOCKEY at all today.  It’s a little wierd, like I forgot to put something on the calendar.  But I’m sure someone will phone if that’s the case…

Back to the recap.   Derek’s team won, and then won, and then won again, and, oh yeah, they won yesterday, too.   It’s a good thing there are always some parents to visit with at those games, because the hockey is not all that exciting.  They are booked into a Tier II tournament at Martensville next Saturday, so I hope they run into some real competition there.   They really need that.

And I’m glad I’ll have to miss the next Midget game that day, too, since a team with a real reputation for dirty hockey and fighting is coming to town.   There is certainly no shortage of testosterone on any of the teams in this league.  They are dropping gloves at the drop of a hat (helmet?), and our team is no exception.  Adam in particular likes to mix it up a bit.  The coach and two of the dads told us how well he held is own in the fight at North Battleford.  I’m so proud…  Anyway, he’s been sick this past week, so he didn’t play last night against Unity.  We saw some pretty good hockey, though.  It was a fast, tight game, and Stephen certainly showed up for it.  He got our first goal, a hard slap from the blue line (we’re pretty sure it’s the new stick – not!), and an assist on another one.  Plus he managed to stay out of the penalty box.  Good thing – it was standing room only in there.  So the Midgets are 5 and 1 so far this year, and looking to stay at the top of the pack.  

Clem is babysitting the neighbor’s cattle, and remembering once more why he isn’t a beef farmer.  It’s a very good reminder.  

I am trying to get geared up for Christmas, which means I am in a state of paralysis, thinking about everything that needs to get done in the next 24 days.  I like a challenge, though, and seem to work best under pressure, so I’m sure I can put it all off for a little while yet.  I may even iron – a sure sign of procrastination.

Bye for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

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