Scratchings in the Dirt

Back to normal (or as close as it gets, anyway)

Things are settling down somewhat since the last post.  Stephen still seems OK with his decision to quit his team.   He’s taken a bit of flack over it, but nothing that he can’t handle.  He has even expressed an interest in music, now that he has some spare time.  He spirited Clem’s guitar up to his bedroom the other night and worked on a few chords.  Clem thinks he has a nice touch.  

Adam and Derek have been home sick for the past two days.  They are both suffering from colds, although with differing symptoms.  Adam seems to have a flu of some sort – achy, coughing, headache, fever, just generally feeling rotten.  His timing isn’t too great, because his band’s debut is tomorrow night.  We watched them rehearse the other day, and they sound pretty good.  Loud, but good.  Adam did some singing, and seems to take after his dad!  We are chaperoning the dance, along with some other parents.  Adam doesn’t seem too keen on that, but he will survive that embarassment, I’m sure.  Wait till he sees his mom dancing!!

We spent a couple of hours last night at the hospital with Derek.  His bad cold and cough has triggered his asthma again, and he needed the nebulizer.  He recovers amazingly fast after receiving the Ventolin, and was back to his old talking self in no time at all.  Apparently he
has quite a reputation at our hospital.  The nurse (who used to ride the same school bus as I did, way back in the day) asked if he was the same kid who got his finger stuck in a wet-wipe dispenser (yes) and the same one with the warts on his nose (yes).  Those nurses have way too many coffee breaks.  Anyway, he’s still coughing today, but hopefully he’s on the mend.  

Clem has ventured outside since the break in the cold weather, and has started cleaning some grain.  I guess his farmer’s holiday is coming to an end.  And then there’s me, just waiting for a mother’s holiday to start…

Thanks for checking in!

2 thoughts on “Back to normal (or as close as it gets, anyway)

  1. Funny post Chandra…finger stuck in a wetwipe dispenser?
    What a kid! Must be on the schraefel side!

    Didn’t you know that… you
    (as a ma-ma) never get holidays…oh yeah they do give you one…called mother’s day! Milk it for all it’s worth honey!

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