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A star is born

Last night I attended the debut performance of the hot new band “Borderline”.  (Or, as some might put it, I got sucked into chaperoning the teen dance where Adam’s band had their first gig.  But that would be cynical.)  The dance, first scheduled for last Friday, was postponed due to a storm and the illness of a couple band members (Adam in particular).  So they went with a Valentine’s Day dance, and the results were great.  The boys started out a little shaky – they hadn’t all practiced together since the middle of last week when Adam got sick – but they came together pretty good.  Adam is the main drummer, and they have been sharing the vocals.  But Adam wowed everyone, especially his proud mom, with a couple of great songs.  That boy has his dad’s voice!  I was blown away.  I knew he could sing, but  not like that.  It got better as he got more comfortable with his friends showing their appreciation.  In the end he was hamming it up good.  It took a while for the boys to come down from the performance high – they had a lot of fun.  I think they are booked for an elementary dance in town next month, and then who knows?
They’ve even written a couple of songs.

Stephen has been fighting off the cold/flu bug that has invaded our home.  Cold FX, echinacea
(bet you didn’t know I could spell that!), zinc lozenges, oranges – you name it, he’s doing it.  He has Bantam zone tryouts this weekend, and he’s hungry to make the team.  He’s a pretty determined kid, so he probably will!

Derek is still trying to recover from the asthma attack, and had a rough go his first time back at hockey practice last night.  Clem said he was gasping and moaning and laying on the ice – he’s a bit of a drama “king”, in case you didn’t know – until the coach told him to get up and get going, as there was no way he was giving him mouth-to-mouth.  He managed to finish the practice, but doesn’t want to go to the Dodsland tournament tomorrow because he won’t be able to skate hard.  Doesn’t break my heart.

Speaking of hearts, my husband actually remembered Valentine’s Day this year.  He took the van in to Saskatoon for repairs, and then got storm-stayed in North Battleford where he had a
meeting.  I guess he had lots of time in stores, where it would have been hard to miss the gazillion signs with hearts on them.  Somewhat unfortunately for me, the stores he frequents don’t really cater to what women would consider a romantic notion of the holiday.  And so I received a heart-shaped container of Ferraro Rocher chocolates (yum!) and a Tobi clothes steamer (a Canadian Tire special – you’ve seen the infomercials).  However, it really is the thought that counts, and I do appreciate him thinking of me (and the chocolate, love the chocolate).

That’s it for now, folks.  Keep those comments coming, and don’t forget to sign your name so I know who the lurkers are!!

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One thought on “A star is born

  1. Adam, I am so darn proud of you!!! Way to go for recognizing the talent you were born with and using it to give pleasure to others and having a darn good time with your buddies while you are at it! Were the girls screaming for you and the band like they were for Grampa in his band (“The Cyclones”) way back about 1962? I love the name “Borderline” too.
    Good luck at Zones Stephen and get better Derek. We will be there next week so hope you have some games.

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