Scratchings in the Dirt

You know it’s winter…

…when the kids are skating on the dugout. They had a blast on the weekend, scraping and skating and getting some fresh air. It was pretty cold, but it is somewhat sheltered on the dugout. The only thing missing is a yardlight for skating after dark (and pucks with some kind of GPS system so we don’t have to wait for summer to find them!)

4 thoughts on “You know it’s winter…

  1. Great Pictures! Yes the ole dugout does bring back memories…keep up the good work blogging! …all that hockey makes for an active family!….. stay warm!

  2. Thanks Chandra,reminds me of when I was a kid,bye the time I shoveled the dugout off I was too tired to skate,and thats why I can’t skate to this day,and when I did the straw from the bale always was on the ice.

  3. Tell Derek to put a touque on. Boy do those pictures bring back memories. Most of them good even!!

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