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Merry Christmas from the Schraefels!!

Ho, ho, ho!! Merry Christmas! Hope this finds you all happy and healthy, and not suffering from turkey indigestion. We had a wonderful Christmas celebration at the Schraefel ranch again this year. It was perhaps nicer because we finally got around to doing something with our “porch” (it’s only been just about 12 years since we moved here!), which, after new flooring, new paint, and new trim, we now call the sunroom!! My family was all home, and we had a great time, especially with little Copper. Chef Jason and his right hand, Terri, fixed up turducken again, to everyone’s delight. In case you don’t know, that is a deboned turkey layered with dressing around a deboned chicken layered with dressing around a deboned duck stuffed with a different dressing, and slow-cooked for about 8 hours. Delicious!!! There was much appropriate groaning after the meal. Aunt Linda, Chris and Tamara joined us Christmas day so we had some new things to talk about. All in all a great holiday.

Here’s precious Copper, all dolled up in her Christmas outfit!

Cousin Ashley was here from Prince George, too.

Stephen seems to have taken a shine to wee Copper.

And Grandma and Grandpa are pretty enamored, as well.

My sister, Lisa, is back from Russia, and it is so good to have her home. No news on her future plans, yet. I think she will just be enjoying the Canadian amenities for a while!
We all received Russian gifts this year, and the boys like their new Russian scarves.

Derek likes his new hockey bag from Grandpa!

Here’s the crew gathering around for supper.

Jason, Terri, Copper, Lisa, Rob and Amber are all sticking around for a few days, so we’ll get some more visiting in. Derek is hoping for a hockey game on the dugout – he told his uncles to bring their gear! Stephen doesn’t get much of a Christmas break, as he is back at practice tomorrow and has a game in Paradise Hill on Sunday. Their team won another game last Saturday, and did fairly well in the PA tournament, especially after the Rosetown team tucked tail and ran home before the semi-final game! Derek and Adam both get a bit of a break, although I’m sure we will be pestered to take them to town for shinny. Right now, we can’t pry them away from the PS3 they received for Christmas!

Have a great holiday, and hope to see you soon!

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  1. Merry Christmas &
    Happy New Year ’08
    to all your family!
    Looks like everyone had a great time.
    cheers carl

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