Scratchings in the Dirt

Rain again!

We had about 4 tenths of rain this morning – still no rain gauge, just an educated guess! I was glad I got out in the garden last night after returning from Calgary. The potatoes popped through while I was gone, so I could see where to weed!

I took Mom on a mother/daughter retreat at the FCJ Center in Calgary. The center is downtown, behind the cathedral, and right on the river. It is in an old convent, built with sandstone, and the grounds are absolutely gorgeous.

These were the views from the window in our very warm room:

Mom really enjoyed trying out my new “Family Doctor II” massager. (It does feel great – I highly recommend!)

We had a very nice time reminiscing and sharing. Perhaps if Lisa is back in Canada next year, we could all go. It’s amazing what two people can talk about when they have uninterrupted time.

Rob and Amber joined us for Mass at the Cathedral on Sunday morning, and then we met Jay and Terri for brunch. It was a great meal and we had lots of laughs, not so unusual when we’re with Jay and Rob. The thing about a new camera is remembering to take it out of your pocket and use it. We all looked fabulous, but you’ll never get to see that picture!

Hello to Dad’s cousin, Roy, who called tonight to say that he’s following the blog. It’s good to know who is checking in! And hi to Dad, who is out at the farm getting ready to (gasp) spray chemical all over his crops. Wear a mask, Dad.

Bye for now.

2 thoughts on “Rain again!

  1. Oh yes, it was a wonderful time away! It did feel strange however to have nothing to do except relax but I’m going to practice that more often from now on!
    Thanks Chandra

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