Scratchings in the Dirt

We got a rain gauge!

And 2 inches of rain! It is SOGGY around here. Some people are saying they got 3 inches, so perhaps our rain gauge needs calibrating, or the rain was spotty, or some people are liars. Whatever, it’s wet, wet, wet.

My baby turned 15 yesterday.
Sometimes, most times, I can hardly believe he’s the same little boy. Usually when I am looking way up at him to ream him out about whatever. But he’s a great kid, with a great sense of humor, and he still lights up our lives. He’s full of music, too, so we got him his own electric guitar and amp. He was blown away, but took much care to be cool and not let his excitement show.
He’s pretty good on it already, but it didn’t last long in the house. He was out in the studio last night, after numerous complaints by his mother about the volume.

And of course it was Father’s Day, so we lavished Clem with gifts and love. Note the awesome robe. Derek made him a paperweight – a painted stone. It’s very nice.

My dad was here, as well. He somehow got wind of the steak supper requested by Clem, and showed up in the afternoon. We showered him with gift (singular) and love, too.

This was one of the tamer scenes around the table.

The evening ended with a rousing game of hockey trivia – it helps with the summer withdrawal – with Adam emerging the victor. Fitting on his special day.

Stop by again soon!

2 thoughts on “We got a rain gauge!

  1. Happy Birthday Adam! I sent you an ecard. Hope you got it and know that I was thinking of you on your special day. Cool guitar, too.

    Happy Father’s Day, too, Dad and Clem. Love ya!

  2. Big Smile:) You make me laugh!
    Looks like everyone is doing fine on the ole Schraefel farm!

    Happy Birthday to Adam!

    Uncle carl

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