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Chandra’ Garden

Before I forget, I wanted to show a picture of Chandra’s garden. I had tried to put it on our site earlier but gave up. Anyway, here it is in the early stages. It is by far our best crop and most important crop. It is 100% organic and we have been enjoying the fruits of her labour for over a month. She works in it every day, usually in the morning when it is cool. She has been picking, watering, weeding, freezing, canning and feeding us, non grateful boys and I feel great. When you see the work that goes into the veggies we eat, you realize we have extremely cheap food available to us in Canada. Thanks for all your hard work, Chandra!


I heard a phrase once “farming causes cities” and can see now what it means; without industial agriculture we would have to feed ourselves this way and it would be a full time job to provide food for our family for a year. When I see the effort involved it amazes me that our society, especially Canada, doesn’t value this service like it does the energy industry. I think, like a lot of other areas, we have our values screwed up. Oh well, as long as the US and the EU continue to subsidize and support it’s food producers which keeps world food prices low, Canadian consumers and Governments will benefit greatly from it.


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