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Harvest Progress 2006

We are closing in on finishing the barley at around 45 bu/ac but we are now out of room to continue. Hopefully we will get some trucks today to haul some away.

Adam is swathing oats (160 ac) and we will start combining flax (240 ac) as soon as we have space and then we are done and hockey can start. Last year Adam was going from the combine to the rink. This (early harvest) has been a blessing and a very relaxed harvest. +32C yesterday.

Adam is playing football and will have his first game on Friday. They have been practicing for a week and he is all bruised up and limping so I guess he is trying. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Harvest Progress 2006

  1. Life is good! We sometimes forget how good we have it. It seems to be human nature to want more or to think the grass is greener on the other side as in Alberta, instead of being thankful for what we have. Thanks for reminding us. Clem

  2. Not enough space for the harvest, the perfect weather for swathing and combining, and Adam taking his licks on the gridiron like his wonderful Uncle Rob.

    Bless you, guys. Life is good.

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