Scratchings in the Dirt

Update Seeding

Seeds are in the ground for 2018! It was a family affair. Derek ran the prework machine and kept ahead of 2 seed drills. Adam ran the big drill and Clem ran the small one. Stephen kept the drills full and ran for seed, innoculant, lunches and loaded semis for shipping. Chandra kept the crew

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I’ve just returned from a trip to Vancouver for a work-related training course.  I flew out Tuesday evening, spent three nights in an upscale water-front hotel, was wined and dined in fine fashion, took advantage of the spa in the hotel, and flew back Friday afternoon.  We had (almost) six hours of training.  Yep, six

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Another missing piece

I stopped at the local cemetery the other day, just ’cause it was a quiet, peaceful day, and because I was in an introspective mood, I guess.  There are many stops to make there.  My mom’s parents, four of her siblings, two of her brothers-in-law, Clem’s parents, his grandparents, his great-grandfather, various aunts and uncles,

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After the mist

The mornings have been so damp and dewy this summer.  Sometimes there is a mist in the distance and hovering over the dugout.  Feels a little like Scotland!  One morning after the sun chased away the fog, I looked out the window and saw a fairy garden – so out I went with the camera! 

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I’m grumpy this morning.  I got up early to work in the garden before going to work (haha – catch that? Work before work??).  I’ve always loved working outside in the early morning (once I actually get out there, that is – my bed is awfully comfy!) – the quiet, the birds singing, the ducks

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