Scratchings in the Dirt

Social Media

I joined Facebook a few months ago thinking it would be a great way to share farm and family photos and have a bit of an archive. My¬†much better half moved from blogging to facebook quite a few years ago and she enjoys it. I did not. I found it very political and hateful. I found people would say things they would never say in person. They share memes that spread fear and hate. I ended up blocking many of my old friends that said things that, I didn’t think reflected their personality so instead of hearing my old friends say things I didn’t appreciate I deleted my account. I am a much happier person now.

I truly believe social media will be the undoing of our civil society if we don’t learn how to use it without spreading so much hate and fear. It seems that rumors and fake news articles are what sells and it is what people want to see. We want reality TV where someone gets hurt and we seem to clamor for it. I found myself doing the same thing. It is like driving by a car accident. We want to slow down and look. I didn’t like it in myself and I don’t like it in others. If you look back at history spreading fear and hate and fake news caused much of the world’s most horrible wars. We are all human beings. Brothers and sisters on this tiny little ball in a massive universe. Let’s try to figure this out.

All my other platforms will disappear as well. Twitter is even worse! Gone! Combine Forum! Gone! Snap Chat! Gone! I will have to learn to entertain myself the old-fashioned way by going outside where I love life the most and find something constructive to do! See ya later!