Scratchings in the Dirt

Quick takes – September edition

1.  We are still here.  Try as it might, the wind was not able to blow us to Manitoba yesterday.  Some of our land, and swaths, may be there, though.  It completely cleaned off 40 acres of lentil swaths.   And someone’s pea swaths blew through our yard at one point.  We fared much better than areas close to the land of my birth, however, as many farmers were completely hailed out and my beautiful little town is littered with trees, branches, and leaves.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.

2.  Derek is loving football.  He was even up at 6 am this morning for practice – ON. HIS. OWN!  Only football can accomplish that, folks.  Take it from a seasoned mom.

3.  My garden continues to amaze me.  There is another crop of strawberries ripening right now.  They are big and tasty and plentiful.  Didn’t see that coming. The corn is done, and I lifted the onions yesterday and pulled out the bean plants.  The tomatoes are covered tonight in fear of the predicted frost.  We are loving the wonderful taste of them, and I am trying as many tomato recipes as I can.

4.  We put an offer on a rental place in Kerrobert.  We will probably use it to house junior hockey players this winter, and go from there.  That’s if our offer is accepted!  Not sure if I really want that to happen…

5.  Parish Council, hockey registration, choir practice and football parents’ meeting are all this week.  Can you say “busy”?  Better question might be, “Can you say ‘NO’?”

6.  I am preparing to attend my College of Commerce 25-year reunion.  Think I can lose 50 pounds in a week?  No, me either.

7.  I had the best visit with two of the most wonderful people I know – Bernie and Jackie Etcheverry.  Bernie was the principal at AGCHS (before it became Luseland Composite School!) and Jackie was the Kindergarten teacher.  They left Luseland in 1988 (wow!  that long ago?) but we’ve stayed in touch, and just recently became “friends” on Facebook.  We ended up at the same wedding in Tramping Lake last weekend (don’t hear that very often, do you?) and had a great time catching up.  In case you are interested, the bride was a Senger (whose grandmother was a second cousin to my mom) and the groom was a Wack.  Clem was one of the groomsmen at his parent’s wedding, and his dad’s brother is married to my cousin.  His mom’s dad was the principal of the elementary school in Luseland – Red McGregor.  Ahhh, connections again!

That’s about it. Thanks for stopping in!