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Quick takes – September edition, part 2!

I swore I would do more than one post in September, so here it is!

1.  Harvest is still dragging on.  After hail and wind took their toll, Clem was still fairly satisfied with the yield.  And we are relatively lucky – some places around here got hit with hail three times this year.  Yikes.  He has about 250 acres of standing wheat left to do.  It is still tough, but he’s taking it slowly and putting it in air bins.  Many farmers are waiting for the wheat to cure.  The weather man said something about that four-letter-word that starts with “s” coming next week, but hopefully we can finish up before then.

2.  Stephen, who celebrated his 19th birthday a couple of weeks ago, has moved into his place in Edmonton.  He seems to like it there, but I did get one text this week saying that I should make some lasagna and casseroles and freeze them for him and his roommate.  Ya, cause I have absolutely nothing else to do.  I’ll get right on that, Stephen, just as soon as I put away the cookbooks that I bought you and you left laying here on the counter.  Hmmm.

3.  Adam is still alive.  I know because sometimes I see that he has left a comment on a friend’s Facebook page.  That is the only reason I know.

4. Derek is a football-playing fool.  He just loves it.  Almost as much as the game itself, I think he loves hanging out with the older guys.  They all definitely have a team mentality, which is good.   I will get some pictures soon, especially of his darling new haircut, courtesy of one of the clipper-wielding veterans. His initiation is tomorrow.  Pray for him.  And for me.

5.  We have our new billet, a very nice young goalie from Edmonton.  He moved in the night I got home from my college reunion, into the room Stephen had been using while he was here.  Let’s just say there was some wild cleaning going on for the hour between the time I got home and when he arrived.  

6.  We did NOT buy a rental property in Kerrobert.  Now I have so much more free time!  So I have been canning tomatoes in my spare time.   14 quarts down, and probably that many more to go.  I know I am going to appreciate this in a couple of months!

7.   I have another new nephew!  Edison Jay Huck was born on the day before Stephen’s birthday.  Grandma says he is perfect, and she’s not biased at all.  We get to check him out at Thanksgiving, when he takes his first road trip so they can join us for the holiday.  Mom and Dad will be around, as well, since we are attending the baptism of little Samuel in Saskatoon on the 6th.  By the way, Sam’s pretty perfect, as well.  My brothers seem to excel at making cute kids, although I think their wives have quite a bit to do with that.

That’s about all there is.  I grabbed the camera and went outside after supper tonight, because the light was just beautiful.  Here’s a bit of what I saw.

Thanks for checking in!

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